Clay Clay Storm Shelter Locations

Click on the shelter name to view a Google map of the location.


Wakonda Public School - 212 Nebraska Street


Irene Community Center - 103 W. Main Street


Vermillion Fire & EMS Station - 820 North Dakota Street

National Guard Armory - 603 Princeton Street


Public Warning Siren Tones

Steady Tone - Seek Shelter. Sirens are only used when the general public is in danger.

The sirens in Vermillion and Wakonda are tested weekly on Mondays at Noon.

If you have any questions in regards to siren use, please contact Layne Stewart @ 677-7185.


Public Warning Siren Activation Policy

* Sirens will not be activated for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

* Sirens will be activated for imminent danger that require citizens to seek immediate shelter.

* Sirens will be activated for Tornado Warnings effecting the area.

* Sirens will be activated by official weather spotter request if they feel the situation is dangerous to the general public.

* Sirens will be activated when the National Weather Service or The South Dakota Office of Emergency Management provides direct information of immediate danger.

* Sirens will not be activated to issue an "all clear" once the danger has passed. For current updates and situation reports, listen to KVHT Radio.

For questions concerning the siren activation policy, contact Layne Stewart @ 677.7185.